WHAT TO WEAR: High Fashion for Low Temps

Winter is a time for layers and lots of them. Many people tend to be careless about their fashion appearance in the winter because it is more of a priority to stay warm. There are many ways to stay up to date with the fashion trends and look “high fashion.”  Layering is the key to mastering a fashionable look during the winter months.

This Fashionista is an example of how to layer. First she started with a knit, turtleneck sweater and then topped it off with a plaid vest. The combination of the orange and the plaid gives the look a trendy feel. If it gets too warm you can always take the top layer off. For the bottom portion of the outfit, the Fashionista chose a pair of white jeans, to make the sweater really pop. Wearing white after Labor Day is a trend of the past and can be rocked during any season. She gives the jeans a winter look by adding the warmer tones.

To accessorize the outfit, the Fashionista added a wide-brim fedora. To shy away from the basic, everyday winter trends, try going for a more stylish hat such as a fedora or floppy hat, instead of a beanie. It will keep you warm but also stylish and unique. For shoes, the Fashionista is wearing a pair of lace up booties with a little bit of a heel but nothing too dramatic. Booties like these are good for walking in the snow because they are not too low cut and have a rubber bottom. Normal snow boots are not always the best option when trying to pair them with a nicer outfit. Now there are no excuses to stop caring about fashion in the winter months, use these tips and click on the links to get this look.