It may seem that, nowadays, everyone is trying to get dressed up for class and wear jeans all the time. However, the struggle is all too real for those who like to go to class and then right over to the gym to get their workout on. This Fashionista has showed us her way of staying cute, while also trying to get in shape. The gym can seem intimidating at first, but, if you have on the right outfit on, most people wont be able to focus on their machines anymore.

Decked out in KOS USA and Nike, this Fashionista will be rocking the gym like it’s a runway show. These KOS USA printed pants basically scream “Watch me run!” whereas the blue Nike sports bra complements the pants. The black Nike ‘Just Do It’ tank top settles the look down a bit. The white sneakers neutralize the look because the pants have so much going. The shoes should definitely be a solid color, particularly black or white. To tie the look together is a coral red Under Armour headband that matches the printed pants perfectly and helps keep hair out of this Fashionista’s face. Lastly, a Swell water bottle adds to the look and keeps you hydrated in style. With an ensemble like this, I don’t see how anyone could focus on his or her workout.

One Simple Change: Just finished your workout and now are meeting friends for a brunch downtown? Throw on a lightweight black cardigan to settle this look down while staying cozy in the restaurant.