WHAT TO WEAR: Gym O’Clock!

Stressed about eating all the greasy cafeteria food at school and dressing old fashioned at the gym to burn those calories? Are you just tired of going to the gym and not looking fabulous at all? This Fashionista shows that going to the gym doesn’t have to be an undesired task in the day, but instead something to look forward to. This beautiful Fashionista hits the gym every single day to be healthy, in shape, and show off her new athletic sporty outfits. Looking fashionable at the gym has become the latest trend. Adidas, Lululemon, Reebok, Under Armour, Nike, Athleta, and Victoria’s Secret Sports are some athletic and activewear brands that can help you create the most stylish gym closet. Many athletic Fashionistas/os are very loyal to their athleisure brand, and nothing would ever make them shop at the enemy store. This Fashionista is not that type of shopper. She believes in what she calls, “Triad Brand Loyalty.”

This “Triad Brand Loyalty” includes the brands: Adidas, Reebok and Nike; however, she secretly told me she is in love with the new Victoria’s Secret sports bras, but her closet typically consists of these three brands. She sometimes uses only one brand for her whole ensemble, or sometimes she handpicks different products from different brands; this Fashionista even does this with her sneakers! She encourages the Fashionistas/os out there to wear their athletic gear as their everyday clothes to help motivate them to go to the gym after class, or the library. Also, who doesn’t want to be comfortable yet stylish at their 8:00 a.m. classes?!

Her athletic outfit has the triad brands she mostly buys and, of course, her sneaky colorful patterned sports bra is from Victoria’s Secret, which you can see from her open-back black cotton sleeveless shirt. She shows off her trendy Adidas silver running shoes that have a very sleek design, which match the athletic ankle-length leggings that have a silver and black pattern from the knee down. She is also sporting a black Nike thermal jacket that adds to her monochromatic look. To finish off her “Triad Brand Loyalty,” she adds her favorite gym bag from Reebok that has a neon color accent on the brand’s logo. Having splashes of color on her sports bra and gym bag gives it a more excitement to the black gym attire.

One simple change would be to ditch that gym bag and grab your school backpack or even a stylish satchel purse, and get ready to go to class or a casual lunch break with your friends!

Remember Fashionistas/os, the gym is the new “it” place to go show off your new stylish looks with the latest athleisure trends!