WHAT TO WEAR: Gucci Maine

February 24th, 2017 at 2:00am
WHAT TO WEAR: Gucci Maine

Living in Maine during the winter is a mix of good and bad days. We recently have had two snowstorms in four days and are expecting another! Because of all the snow, it has been impossible to wear anything but snow boots, parka coats, and big scarves to keep warm. This look is something that any Bowdoin student would be wearing in the current weather. But for those who are not accustomed to the snowy months, here is what to wear in a blizzard!

This Fashionista hails from North Carolina, so she is not accustomed to all this snow. Her rubber-lined boots are perfect for a days like this. The boots from Mock Boot Co. keep her feet warm and dry through the slushy sidewalks. On top she wears her parka, which she bought from the Canadian company Indygena. This parka keeps her cozy as she hustles from class to class. It is long enough so her torso and part of her legs stay covered from the wind chill.

Under her coat is a simple pair of blue jeans and a warm sweater. It is so important to layer up and stay cozy when the days are getting colder! This Fashionista mentioned that she won’t be back to her room until after dinner, so it made sense to bring all the layers she could when the nights gets colder. Lastly, she finishes her look with a chunky scarf from Urban Outfitters and her backpack for her afternoon class. She is covered from head to toe in warmth and can take on any blizzard that is coming our way.