WHAT TO WEAR: Greek Life

You’re in college now and are looking to make friends, so you went through the recruitment process and you now have found your forever home within greek life! Whatever amazing chapter you may be in, every girl likes to sport her letters around campus. Whether it’s when you’re going to meet up with your “sisters,” whether it’s to go eat or to a chapter meeting, rocking a windbreaker with your letters on it is always cute and casual!

This Fashionista is sporting her letters in such a cute way with her colored windbreaker and some go-to leggings. Her black slip-on shoes are perfect for the spring weather and can be easily transitioned from night to day, while also being and looking super comfy. As any Fashionista can attest, comfort is always high on our priority list when we’re getting ready in the morning. Her leggings also make her legs look so long and lean that she’ll be getting double takes from every person as she walks down the streets of campus.

Follow in the footsteps of this gorgeous Fashionista and you’ll be sure to make your fellow sisters proud by sporting your letters, but you also can make it your own and by adding your own bit of personality. Your sisters will admire your outfit just as much as they already admire you as a person.

One Simple Change: Loving greek life so much that now you’re now going on vacation with your sisters? Switch out those adorable sneakers with some Birkenstock sandals and a tank top with your letters on it and you’ll be ready for some fun in the sun!