WHAT TO WEAR: Greek Life

When one thinks of a typical “sorority girl” or “frat guy,” more often than not, obnoxious behavior and intensive partying comes to mind. However, this stereotype is quite the opposite. For those who are a part of Greek life, they take their letters very seriously and have respect for not only themselves but for their organization as a whole. On particular days throughout the semester, those in Greek life dress their best to honor the day their beloved organization was founded.

This Fashionista sports an ideal outfit for a sorority’s Founder’s Day. She looks both professional and fashion-forward, the perfect combination for this precious day. She wears an adorable white peplum top and pairs it with a black fitted blazer. The way she cuffs the sleeves allows her to be cool when the temperatures rise while still looking like a fabulous CEO. The blazer gives the outfit sophistication while the peplum adds a hint of femininity. She complements the top and blazer with a black pencil skirt. Black and white balance each other in such classy and timeless ways. It’s truly hard to go wrong with that color duo.

Her ballet flats continue the theme of the look while allowing her to remain comfortable since walking around campus in heels all day typically ends in pain and regret. She ties the ensemble together with a silver-toned statement necklace, giving a pop of personality to the outfit.

One Simple Change: Got a date with a cute frat boy after class? No problem. Swap the blazer for a cardigan. This will give the look a more casual vibe while still maintaining a sense of femininity. Replace the skirt with a pair of boyfriend jeans to be more comfortable and to send a slight, subtle hint. If he’s just as into fashion as you are, he’ll get it.