WHAT TO WEAR: Greek Life

July 10th, 2015 at 2:10am

Now, while college students are on summer vacation and everyone is enjoying their break,  most college sorority girls aren’t taking a break from their letters. That’s right, sorority girls sport their gear year round, especially in the summer at home for everyone to see.

This Fashionista does just that and she has her style anchored down. Greek letters come in all sizes, all colors and can be seen on all different types of clothing. This Fashionista is clearly in Delta Gamma and wears her anchor on her shirt large and proud as the focus of her outfit. While the anchor on her shirt is big, the writing is small, so it does not scream DG; it is more classy and fashionable!

Since her Greek shirt is the staple part of her outfit, this Fashionista pairs it with trendy boyfriend jeans, a long cardigan and simple gladiator sandals. All three items are essential in a summer wardrobe. The cream color of the sweater matches the nude sandals, while the ripped jeans pair with the casual feel of the Greek tank top. I am obsessed with her sandals. (I own three pairs in different colors.) They are a simple, yet stylish item to have in your wardrobe this summer, and if you don’t already have some, I would seriously invest in them because you will fall in love. Boyfriend jeans are perfect for summer as well because they are loose-fitting and comfortable in the heat of summer. The same goes for loose-fitting cardigans. While summer days can be hot, summer nights can get breezy, so a simple loose cardigan will do the trick.

This Fashionista finishes off her look with a stack of bracelets and a small watch, along with simple rings and a pair of sunglasses—a dead giveaway for the summer. So set sail these remaining summer months and wear those Greek letters in style! If you are not in greek life, you can simply replicate this outfit with a fun graphic tank top of your favorite band or just a cool design.

One Simple Change: While Greek life is great and a lot of girls sport their letters in the summer, there are some occasions where letters would just not work. Summer is all about concerts, and if you plan to go to one, this outfit could work perfectly with one simple change: a new shirt. You could go simple with a lace tank top, a patterned shirt or like I said earlier, you can wear a concert T-shirt for the band you are seeing. Spice it up a little more with a statement necklace and wedges, and you are ready to go!