WHAT TO WEAR: Greek Life

The life of a college student can be hectic. Early morning classes, coffee breaks and late night study dates are all a part of daily life. And when you’re a member of a sorority or fraternity, that hectic schedule just gets even more intense. Formal events, chapter meetings and mixers can make a student’s schedule overwhelming, which is why casual bonding events are such a welcome relief for most. They allow us to vent to our best friends, discuss the latest trends and episodes of our favorite television shows and share in traditions.

This Fashionista was showing off her sorority letters before a casual get together with a graphic T-shirt that she paired with a comfy heather gray sweater, black leggings, black combat boots, a knitted scarf and a black parka (it’s unfortunately still winter in this part of the country even if the calendar says it’s spring!). The red on her T-shirt pops against her black, white and gray basics while her cream scarf is a great way to subtly add color to her look. This is the perfect outfit for a casual sisterhood event as it’s simple and comfortable.

Around this time of year, it can be hard to put together a great look with the stress of finals around the corner. But dressing casually for a get together can still be chic, as demonstrated by this Fashionista!

One Simple Change: Need to make this a slightly more formal look? Swap the comfy sweater for a classic blazer and the combat boots for a pair of pumps. Letters are every sorority girl’s favorite accessory as they’re easily dressed up or down!