WHAT TO WEAR: Greek Life

April 13th, 2015 at 2:00am

It’s no surprise that Greek life is a big part of college. Whether you are involved in a fraternity or sorority or not, you can’t escape those who are involved representing their letters. Personally, I love seeing people wearing their organization proudly on campus. Even if I see a girl sporting different letters than my own, I can always appreciate a fashionable Greek life ensemble. Greek apparel is so versatile and offers so many variations; I can’t help but take notes when I see Fashionistas play up their letters into a fashionable getup.

When I saw this Greek Fashionista, I was drawn into the way her letters were downplayed. Her simple navy colored V-neck displayed her letters sewn in light blue and white letters. This Fashionista’s casual attire continued downward with a pair of light-wash ripped jeans. Cuffing the hems of her jeans, her shoes were on full display. This Fashionista sported a college must-have: low top white Converse. Whether it’s walking to class or from sorority row, Converse are a sure way to make all those on campus (Greek affiliated or not) impressed.

Sure, letters tell some things about a fraternity or sorority member, but definitely not everything. This Fashionista made herself stand out with some stand out pieces. If you’re like me, you are a huge fan of Alex and Ani bracelets because they’re simple but offer so many different choices! It seems like it was just yesterday the two sisters took the world by storm with their cute and personal bangles. This Fashionista’s accessories include multiple Alex and Ani bracelets, clueing us in on little pieces of information on her, aside from the letters. The student is clearly a fan of little pieces of jewelry, for she wore two rings, a necklace and flower studded earrings. Finally, her ensemble was completed with a pair of tortoise sunglasses.

One Simple Change: Warmer weather is approaching! This summer, switch out the ripped jeans for a pair of shorts. Tucking your lettered T-shirt into high-waisted shorts (especially crocheted ones like these) will give your outfit style and the perfect amount of personal flare!