WHAT TO WEAR: Greek Life

So you just got initiated into your sorority and are so excited to rep your new letters. You want to maintain your trendy aura but still rock the best house on campus. How can you do both? With 12 sororities and 22 fraternities on campus, how can you make your letters stand out amongst the crowd? Well Fashionistas, let me tell you…

This Fashionista makes being a part of Greek life look both trendy and fun. She pairs a simple black letters tank top with a subtle blue sweater. The shade of blue in the sweater is perfect because it matches the color of the patterned pants. The look becomes cohesive with the matching color scheme and the sporting of the letters. The palette this Fashionista chose to rep her letters is basic but yet also extremely multifaceted.

I also love how she pairs the metallic Sperry Top-Siders with the look. It gives the outfit a bit of shine and really works surprisingly well with the subdued blue and gray palette. I am definitely a fan of giving your outfit a glow through metallic colors.

The key to making your letters trendy is by pairing it with a cohesive palette and bold pieces. Don’t get me wrong, wearing letters with a simple pair of black leggings is perfectly okay, but why not make your letters into something more? After all, you worked so hard to get them you may as well wear them as awesomely as possible.

One Simple Change: Having a night in with the girls? Trade your trendy accessories in for a pair of sweatpants and wear your letters proud. You may as well rest up now before next weekend.