WHAT TO WEAR: Greek Life

From recruitment to philanthropy events, sorority T-shirts can start to add up. For many events, sorority girls are required to wear a matching shirt, which is never a bad thing, but sometimes you want to put your own spin on an outfit.

Accessories are always helpful in letting your own style shine. Don’t get me wrong, pearls and curls are always appropriate accessories for sorority events, but do not be afraid to step out of the box and stand out a bit.

This Fashionista sported an edgy Alpha Gamma Delta top with gold foil letters. This top has more of a West Coast feel rather than the stereotypical East Coast sorority-feel. Since the top is not a typical sorority T-shirt, she ditched the pearls and went with a statement necklace. The gold statement necklace ties in nicely with the gold foil design on her top.

The thing that is eye-catching about her outfit is her bright fuchsia cardigan. It serves the purpose of keeping her warm and making her stand out. By adding a sweater or blazer to a sorority shirt, you are adding a little spin on the outfit and allowing your style to shine through while still representing your organization. Since the top is pretty edgy, she added a touch of pink, because after all, it is a sorority event. Adding such a bright color really gave the outfit the perfect touch of femininity and allowed her to make a statement and stand out.

One Simple Change: For a dressier event, switch out the cardigan for a bright blazer. Depending on how formal the event is, a nice, black skirt could be subbed in and even a pair of heels or heeled booties. You would be dressed for the occasion and still repping your sorority.