WHAT TO WEAR: Greek Life

My, my, my Fashionistas. How the time has rolled! It’s been a long winter for sure, but duty calls.

Sorority chapter is a professional and serious ritual that requires business casual dress from all members. As college students, I understand how difficult it sometimes is to have a wide selection of business dress outside of the classic pant suit.

This Fashionista above is headed to a sorority chapter meeting! This is ritual for Greek life members and they are required to dress business casual. Therefore, these trousers paired with this blouse and heels is a perfect fit. I told her to not be afraid to throw on a blazer vest when it’s too hot for a blazer. There are so many ways to dress this look up. For warm weather especially, this Fashionista says she trades the trousers for a pencil skirt. Remember to keep it knee length or longer. Sorority dress should be more unique to your own personal style with a little more flavor than a black pantsuit. This is your time to expand your horizons and practice for dressing post-graduation. Therefore, I truly recommend you play around and take some chances.

Working with a tight budget? Find your alley in Forever 21. Their trousers, such as this tuxedo-striped pair, go a long way with style. Paired correctly with a simple white chiffon shirt and a loose black blazer, this look is completed effortlessly.

Chiffon shirts are relatively easy to bulk up on whether it be at J.Crew, Nordstrom BP or Macy’s. Don’t be afraid to dive into blouses with design to awaken a plain pant. This patterned blouse is unique, exciting and brings some thrill to your look. Because this design may seem rather informal, it requires a pair of straight dress pants, black patent heels and a bold statement necklace.

Now when it comes to blazers, you must consider what look you are going for. Personally I enjoy the long, and loose-fitting blazer, in which Urban Outfitters is the best in the game. Because this specific style has cutouts on the sides, you will have to go as sleek as possible with your other pieces (especially your hair). Remember, your hairstyle seals the deal.

Now most importantly—pencil skirts. It is a myth that pencil skirts came in and left just as quickly. A pencil skirt is not what you wore in high school or made of strictly cotton. You know if you have a nice pencil skirt, and if you do, please keep it and wear it. J.Crew is currently having the greatest pre-spring sales on their skirts. I will advise you, maybe even beg you, to get this cotton twill skirt in the mint green!

I know it is hard to shop in advance, especially with all this snow, but spring sales are starting now. Just like bathing suits, these things will fly off the shelves. Get to the mall, and get cracking Fashionistas/os!

One Simple Change: Trade the kitten heels for some wedges for a girl’s night out look!