WHAT TO WEAR: Greek Life

Greek life is the best possible way to get involved on your campus. In the Greek community, so many opportunities for leadership are given and so many connections are made. The typical “it’s about the parties, girls or boys, and drinking” are not even close to what Greek Life is about. Greek life is really about equipping you with skills that can be used in future endeavors. It is about creating strong bonds with people you will eventually call brother or sister. This means creating long-lasting friendships and connections.  If you treat your membership with care and are passionate about what you do within your sorority or fraternity, I can promise you, you would want to wear your letters everywhere and represent. “Everyday is a recruiting opportunity,” says today’s Fashionisto.

Josh is a brother of Pi Kappa Phi. Today, he was involved with a philanthropy event called War of Roses. This event is a 3 day competition between sororities at UNT to help raise money for Pi Kapps philanthropy, The Ability Experience. Don’t think taking a picture of our Fashionisto took him away from his philanthropy.  Today’s festivities were to take a picture with a Pi Kapp. The more pictures the sorority girls gathered, the more points they won. Points were claimed when going to a Denton favorite restaurant to fundraise.

Athough our Fashionisto is basically “working,” he is recruiting and spreading the name of his fraternity around campus. Take a plain sweater vest and go to a local embroidery shop to get your letters emblazoned. Skip out on the baggy pants and sweats and go for a more sophisticated look. A pair of club or chino shorts are a great investment in looking more as though you’ve stepped out of a J.Crew catalog.  To complete the look, you got to have a pair of nice footwear. Every once in a while, sneakers are worn; however, some guys have taken an extra step. They have been stepping up their shoe game by throwing on a nice pair of Oxfords, with a statement sole color. As well as rocking brown, olive, sand or grey shaded Clark boots or boat shoes. These styles of footwear add a surprising pop and mature look to any casual outfit. To show the love for your fraternity even more, brand the letters on your shoes like Josh.

It looks as if the fraternity males have adapted a grown and sophisticated look, centered on earth tones. There is no more throwing together just any outfit because presentation has become significant among these young males.

One Simple Change: It can get really chilly throughout the day and your arms and legs may start to freeze. Run home for a quick change. Swap out the vest for a shawl collar sweater.  Swap out the shorts and go for pleated flat front chinos. Double the warmth, equal the class and sophistication.