WHAT TO WEAR: Greek Life

So, you went to the organization fair the other day and found out that you are interested in Greek life. Joining a sorority is something you have always seen in movies but have probably never experienced before. You go to a rush event, but can’t help thinking about what should you wear. First impressions are important, so you shouldn’t wear something too casual but nothing too formal, either. This Fashionista showed us the proper dress code for a rush event.

The dress she wears is playful but appropriate. With the combination of turquoise and pink flowers, this dress shows a side of her character that is vivid and fun. The gray cardigan balances the bright pattern so it’s not too flashy and it adds a sense of seriousness. At a rush event, you don’t want to show yourself off too much, so choosing a “less is more” dress shows you are serious about joining. Since it’s winter, a pair of warm, stretchy leggings are a must-have. Because some rush activities may take place outside, dress for the weather. Make sure your leggings fit your body well, and as this Fashionista does with her short brown boots, wear shoes that are suitable for walking in the snow. The length of the boots is important; getting a pair that is just the right length will make your legs look longer! The black and white pattern on her boots also suggests that she’s a person who cares about detail.

As for the accessories, a matching statement necklace balances the other parts of her outfit. The bold design stands out but the light pink color softens it. The colorful bracelets made from different textures show her personality as outgoing and optimistic. Although the colors vary, the ball shaped bracelets, watch and even the colorful headband complement each other greatly. The members in the sorority will be impressed by this Fashionista’s ability to put different colors together and not create a rainbow mess.

Be creative with colors and style since dressing perfectly is a prerequisite of going to a rush event. Also, don’t forget to impress them with your beautiful smile!

One Simple Change: Good news! You got into the sorority and are preparing for your first formal. Simply change the dress into a more formal and colorful dress.