WHAT TO WEAR: Greek Life

It is back to school time, which means that our lives quickly go from zero to 100, whether we are ready or not! Many college students are involved in a variety of clubs and organizations, and our days consist of so much more than just classes. With everything going on in the semester, it can be difficult to find a balance with social, academics, clubs and activities.

One of the great aspects of college is finding an organization that makes you feel at home, while you are away from home. Greek life often allows students to find a lifelong group of friends and provides rewarding philanthropy opportunities. However, the road to get into these sorority organizations, known as the recruitment process, can be quite stressful. There are so many potential things to worry about, but after reading these tips your outfit will not be one of those worries. Take some inspiration from this Fashionista who already has the sorority recruitment look down like a pro!

You want people to remember your name and face, not an overly extravagant dress that you were wearing. With that in mind, make sure to stick with a neutral color palette and make the look cohesive. This Fashionista is wearing a black and white printed dress, which incorporates a cute elephant pattern. The simple silhouette and neutral colors call for a busier print to balance out the look. Lastly, a pair of strapped nude wedges is the perfect finishing touch to this ensemble. To accessorize her look, this Fashionista goes along with the elephant print theme and wears a silver elephant necklace, along with two bracelets. The silver band bracelet says “remember who you are,” which is a great phrase to keep in mind when going through recruitment! You want to dress to impress, but always stay true to yourself!

Sorority recruitment can last more than just one day, which means that all of those clothes are going to take up a lot of space in your small apartment closet! Don’t just let these pieces sit and take up room! Revamp your recruitment dresses by changing up your accessories for a totally new look!  For an outfit that can be worn to class, this Fashionista can switch out her nude wedges for a pair of sandals to be more comfortable walking around campus. Throw on a distressed denim jacket, and you are looking both cute and casual!