WHAT TO WEAR: Greek Life

August 19th, 2016 at 2:00am
WHAT TO WEAR: Greek Life

As every student knows, the number one benefit of getting a college education is all of the free T-shirts you’ll accumulate over the next 4 years. (Even better than the degree, obviously.) Between homecomings, formals and fundraisers, I’m practically a Gildan brand, unisex cotton T-shirt connoisseur. Unfortunately, I have a serious case of FOMO (aka Fear Of Missing Outfits) and refuse to throw out any of my old tees. I thought I was doing a fairly good job of keeping all of my clothes safely tucked into every crevice of my miniature dorm room, but just when my drawers were stuffed to the brim I embarked on my journey in Greek life.

So far in my college experience, joining a sorority has been one of the most fun and meaningful decisions I’ve made on my campus. While it is by no means for everyone, Greek life provides you with lots of opportunities to meet new people and open yourself up to new experiences. As I mentioned, I’m always down for a great T-shirt. However, I often have to wear my sorority’s letters to events, and many times and stiff, bulky T-shirts aren’t really appropriate.

This Fashionista’s trendy and loose graphic tank is a step up from the traditional college T-shirt. Its relaxed fit and funky design lend it to be extremely easy to dress up or down. Swapping the usual rigid cotton blend for this soft, looser material also makes the piece more flattering. The choice in graphics also adds more personality to the outfit.

One Simple Change: First, start off with a basic relaxed-fit tank displaying your letters. For a more formal or serious event, a loose cardigan and riding boots or wedges will dress up your outfit. However some fundraising events, like Relay for Life, involve physical activity. Pairing a similar top with athletic leggings and sneakers will be the perfect match to show off your favorite letters.