WHAT TO WEAR: Greek Life

“You are always wearing you letters.” This is a saying that every Greek knows to be true. While this Fashionista is actually wearing letters and not just hypothetically, every Greek organization knows that representing their sorority or fraternity in the right way is vital. As a sister of Alpha Xi Delta, she has made sure to wear her letters in a simple outfit that is both trendy and classic.

The focus of her outfit is clearly her set of letters which feature white embroidery of the phrase “Shaken Not Stirred” which is the name of her family tree. The orchid color of her shirt as well as the silver stitched letters and white background allow for a subtle contrast that fits the spring weather. She kept the rest of her outfit very casual with cropped skinny jeans, white Converse and a hair tie on her wrist.

Since she is representing her sorority, she made sure to have her makeup and hair done. Her straightened locks keep with the casual feel of the look along with her makeup straying from appearing caked-on.

One Simple Change: This outfit could definitely become a go-to look for the summer. If the Fashionista were to trade her cropped skinny jeans for a pair of white high-waisted jean shorts she would easily be able to accommodate the hot weather and still keep the look casual. If she wanted to go one step further she could swap her Converse for a pair of cute but simple sandals to embrace the warm weather even more!