WHAT TO WEAR: Greek Life

For a lot of students your first week of college is full of syllabi, awkward interactions and constantly being lost on campus. For select others, it is also full of the stress of finding your home away from home: your sorority. The draw of sisterhood is impossible to resist and that is why for one weekend each semester you see girls running around in their dresses and heels in an attempt to appeal to their number one house choice. You want to look polished and professional. Rushing is a series of interviews where you want to look and act your absolute best.

I ran into this Fashionista ready to go to rush after a busy weekend of moving in. This dress gives her a classy look that shows she is ready to set a good example for her house. Flats are a fantastic option for rushing. Here at Michigan State, our girls tour all 14 houses in one day. This takes quite the toll on a person’s feet and those wedges will not be as cute when your feet are all swollen. Flats look just as polished, but will be far comfier in the long run. She completed her outfit with a statement necklace to elevate the dress and a watch to show that she will always be on time for all of her sorority related events. I wish her all the luck in finding her family this semester!

One Simple Change: This dress is super versatile. Adding some pumps and a cropped blazer would make it the perfect look for an interview.