WHAT TO WEAR: Greek Life

July 28th, 2015 at 2:00am

Fall semester is rapidly approaching and if you are familiar with Greek life, you know that means the craziness of rush is just about to begin. Walking around campus during summer semester compared to fall semester is quite incomparable. College students who are not affiliated with a fraternity or sorority would not come close to understanding the pressure of looking your absolute best 24/7. Keeping your own style is always important in my book, but it is also good to stray away a little and try new trends you did not think you would ever try before. Therefore, for the freshman that are beginning to think about the process of going through rush and have no clue what to wear, stay tuned. I have got your back.

During this Fashionista’s sorority recruitment video shooting, she wore a shift dress paired with a floral kimono and a cute pair of casual brown heels. To make her look picture perfect, she added a watch and small delicate earrings in addition to her rook and tragus ear piercings. When rushing for a sorority or fraternity in Florida, you must be prepared to be very versatile with your look. Recruitment can be very unpredictable. Whether you are joining a sorority or fraternity, each and everyone goes about things differently. Therefore, you will need to be prepared for the blistering heat outside or the meat locker air conditioning you get when staying inside.

This Fashionista surely dressed to impress and was prepared for the drastic difference of temperature. The best thing to do when not knowing how to dress for an event is to layer. Summertime can be a little difficult to layer for, but this Fashionista did not seem to have that problem. Wearing a tank top style dress like this Fashionista did keeps her cool in the sun and when it gets a tad nippy while inside, she can simply throw on her kimono.

One Simple Change: Trading out the heels with a pair of double strapped sandals brings the outfit down to a bit of a more casual look. Then, BOOM, you are ready to go for brunch with your closest friends.