WHAT TO WEAR: Greek Life

I have to admit that Greek organizations on campus design the RADDEST pieces. Not only do their fashionable T-shirts look perfect alone, but when paired with something else it can really make a statement. This babe transforms a basic, graphic tank-top into a stylish undergarment for a floral jacket. Greek life usually makes up the majority of the student body, making them a stylish group on campus!

This Delta Phi Epsilon sister shows pride in herself and letters while strutting through campus. Her individuality shines in addition to her Greek pride with her accessories. I totally recommend a tinted mirror sunnies this summer. You will definitely stand out walking around campus with bright sunnies. Your sunglasses don’t have to match your outfit perfectly. It’s okay to have your pop of color or colors on your face. This is a great way to add more to your look. The aviator style looks flawless on every face shape so don’t hesitate to buy the ones you’ve been eyeing.

Wear your school colors, represent your organization’s letters and mix it up.

One  Simple Change: A great way to rep your organization is taking this look to the classroom. Showing your classmates a little bit about you through your clothing is unique way to say, “Hello, I’m awesome. Who are you?” Being a part of a big organization can easily label yourself as alike. Using your style will quickly break out of that mold and show your classmates how particular you are. Whether it’s wearing your schools hoodie or sorority jersey, there are many ways to display your style.