WHAT TO WEAR: Graphic T-shirt Tuesday

It’s finally back-to-school time; we count down the days until Friday and live it up on the weekend. But when the weekend is over, what is there to look forward to—your 8:00 a.m. classes? Maybe it’s the school work that takes over your week days? Nope, now you can look forward to graphic T-shirt Tuesday—the perfect way to get through the long, dreaded school week.

Graphics T-shirts are a common trend around campus right now. I believe they should be an essential in every closet. You can show off your personality just by the pictures and words on a shirt. It’s the perfect thing to wear to class, out to parties or just around the house. You can dress them up or even dress them down. Wear one with jeans and accessories to dress it up, or wear one with leggings and gym shoes to dress it down. I decided to pair this graphic T-shirt with high-waisted jean shorts and Converse. This is the perfect outfit you could go from day to night in. If you don’t think it’s dressed up enough for night, change into sandals and add a choker or earrings. High-waisted shorts are another trend I see everywhere on campus. With the extra detail on the shorts, like the buttons up the front and the lace on the trim, you can add a lot more to something simple like this and make it more “you.”

We can keep this trend going from fall to winter to spring. Once it turns to winter, wear a graphic T-shirt under your coat to show off when you get to class, and in the spring pair yours with some jeans and a jacket. So next Tuesday, instead of rolling out of bed and throwing on a sweatshirt and shorts, celebrate with me for graphic T-shirt Tuesday!