WHAT TO WEAR: Graduation

It’s June which means throughout the nation, there are high schools and colleges alike sending new minds out into the world. While it’s important for the graduate students to find the right dress for under their robe, it’s also important for the spectators (family and friends) to dress cute—hello, photo ops! After the ceremony comes tears and hugs, and then after a quick mascara fix-up comes the need to take that Kodak-moment photo.
Don’t be caught in jeans and a tee to remember these big graduation days forever. Instead be comfortable but snappy-casual in a loose dress and wedges. We all know how hot (and sometimes boring…don’t lie) those hours sitting and watching hundreds of students graduate can be, so a trapeze dress made of gauze or cotton is a way to stay cool and effortless. They’re in the style at the moment, with stores like Gap and Free People selling them like mad, so it’s east to find the right one for you. This heather gray one the Fashionista is wearing even has pockets! If solid colors are too bland, they come striped as well! Make the simple dress look ready for celebratory dinner at the local steakhouse with a bauble necklace that sits up high on the chest, and choose a complementary summertime color like coral or bright green.

For height and a bit of shimmer, go with a metallic wedge sandal like this Fashionista did— and don’t be afraid to mix gold and silver! While it’s been frowned upon in the past, I love the look of contrasting metals, especially for such an informal-formal occasion. It adds some spunk without being too flashy which is a balance that looks excellent when executed. Keep other accessories minimal and top it all off with sunglasses so that you’re not squinting to watch your sister or best friend strut across the stage!

One Simple Change: Should it be a little chilly out, carry a pashmina or jacket with you to wrap up in. A black leather jacket makes this look a little edgier, while a denim jacket will make it boho-sweet. Either way, you’ll look 4.0 wherever you go!