WHAT TO WEAR: Graduation

Each and every year the end of spring semester leads us to graduation. Whether it is yourself, a close friend or a sibling graduating, this is a special event that should be dressed for with care. If it is yourself graduating, congrats, you made it! This celebration is one to remember and it’s important make sure you’re looking your best because this is your day! Lots of pictures will be taken and of course you want to make sure you are looking your best.

In a perfect navy blue lace sundress, this Fashionista puts together the perfect graduation ensemble. Her look is a great combination of classy, elegant, sophisticated, intelligent and fashion-forward. Her navy lace sundress is a perfect length and shows an element of youth with a great flared skirt. The neckline of the dress is perfectly paired with a classic pearl necklace, which makes the look very sophisticated. To match her pearl necklace, she adds a vintage pearl ring to her look. Matching accessories are always a perfect addition to any look as they are easy to pair and they always look great together. This Fashionista completes her look with a perfect pair of brown leather wedges. Her wedges are stylish yet casual. They complete the look but do not overdo it, and they are versatile and can be worn for multiple occasions. This Fashionista is ready to graduate in style!

One Simple Change: Headed to a celebration after the commencement ceremony? Easy fix. Just throw on a cute cardigan for when it gets chilly, some comfortable sandals and replace the pearls with some more modern jewelry and you’re good to go!