WHAT TO WEAR: Going to Class

WHAT TO WEAR: Going to Class

Whether you’re in a rush or taking your time getting ready for class, this outfit does the perfect trick. It’s a simple and easy look to throw together with the hectic life that college entails. This look is also super versatile for any type of class you are going to. In addition to being extremely versatile, it is a super cute look!

This Fashionista took some medium wash ripped jeans and paired them with some extremely cute booties. She even cuffed her jeans for a little extra detail. Cuffing your jeans is a super quick and easy way to make an outfit look like it was well thought out and you weren’t actually rushing your way out the door. She then decided to pair a detailed lace top with this outfit as well. This lace top really stood out to me since lace up tops have been super in. The thing I really loved about this lace up top was how different it was compared to the regular lace up tops that have been seen in stores! Her final touch to her outfit was her dainty jewelry, including her gorgeous watch!

While this outfit may have looked extremely put together, it’s actually a super quick and easy one to throw on. This Fashionista’s outfit is also perfect for anything else she has planned for her day, whether it be going bowling with some friends or going on a casual date. So next time you’re rushing to class, remember simplicity and easy details can make any outfit the perfect one!

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