WHAT TO WEAR: Go to Class With Class

It’s 5 p.m. and you’re just getting home from a long day of classes. You’re relaxing briefly before you head out to meet up with your study group and get cracking on this week’s assignments until you can’t keep your eyes open any longer. We’ve all had days like this; days where all we want to do is wear our baggiest sweats and Ugg boots and tie our hair up. However, since we’re all true blood Fashionista’s, we resist that enticing “groutfit” and opt for something a bit more stylish.

This Fashionista definitely knows how to dress for a long day in a stylish way. First, she’s got on her trusty leggings to keep her comfortable all day long. She’s successfully dressed them up by pairing them with a flowy, olive green blouse and statement necklace. Layered on top of that, this Fashionista grabbed her well worn denim jacket. This item is a staple in any wardrobe because it’s comfortable and assists in making any outfit more casual. I would argue that the cutest part of this Fashionista’s outfit are her maroon booties with gold detailing. They add a serious pop of color and personality to the ensemble without being too uncomfortable or hard to walk in. This Fashionista brings the look together with her maroon lipstick and neutral toned bag big enough for all her school supplies.

This Fashionista will being spending her days looking stylish in lecture halls without compromising her comfort. You never know who you’ll meet or what a day will entail, so make sure you’re always putting your most fashion-forward self out there for the world to see (and envy).