WHAT TO WEAR: Global Warming Chic

Winter in the Midwest is not known for its style, namely because people tend to reach for their biggest puffer coats and transform into a collective army of walking marshmallows. Typically, I would be appalled at these puffy minions, but this year is different. 2017 has me questioning a lot of things, one of them being: what on earth are we supposed to be wearing this winter? How does one dress for a season that is arctic one moment and tropical the next? Do early March tornadoes enforce a dress code?The visual displeasure of a puffer coat sea has been replaced by swarms of unorganized fashions. I have been left wondering, what is the reasonable alternative to the puffer coat? Shorts and a tank at noon and a parka by 3 p.m., perhaps? Despite the erratic nature of nature itself, this Fashionista has managed to look fabulous and set a prime example of what to wear this “winter.”

Layering is one of the major successes of this outfit. This Fashionista cleverly avoids the marshmallow look by wearing an olive green military jacket (featuring cute elbow patches) and a lightweight black coat over it. Should the temperature drop, she is prepared to face the cold (stylishly), but if it happens to be a warmer day, she can shrug off the top layer and continue to look put together. Wearing both pieces of outwear unzipped creates a cool vibe that redefines the jackets as fashion pieces rather than mere insulation.

The dark wash jeans serve as a casual base for the outfit, but the sailor style buttons add a unique flair. They give the outfit a semi-nautical vibe that is reminiscent of, and suitable for, warm weather. Comfort is key, so a stretchy pair of skinny jeans is the way to go to keep you from feeling constrained and sweaty if the sun decides to beat down.

Turtlenecks are a huge trend right now, and also serve as a great way to keep warm on chilly days. However, the thin fabric makes this top suitable for any temperature changes to come throughout the day. Florals are to be avoided (it’s not quite spring yet), but solid colors are a definite go-to.

To finish the outfit off and give it some spunk, this Fashionista pulled on a pair of wine-colored Dr. Martens boots. If a snowstorm is to suddenly besiege, she (or at least her feet) will be protected from its cold wrath. The shoes are more durable than fur boots like Ugg boots, and don’t have a typical winter vibe. These shoes can be rocked during any season of the year, or in this case, during our all-in-one season.

You can easily create your own version of this outfit to stay comfy and cute no matter how the weather acts up. The science of climate change might be “too complicated” for some to comprehend, but for now, at least the science of winter fashion can be understood by all.