WHAT TO WEAR: Glam Grunge for Classes

The ’90s style and trends are back and better than ever. Flannels, denim overalls, chokers, and even scrunches are popping up on everyone’s Instagram feeds and pictures. One of the trends of the ’90s, grunge, has become a modified staple in wardrobes. Grunge has now become glam with the combination of band tees, flannels, beanies, and ripped jeans with fur coats, luxurious textures like silk, and sleek accessories. It is the perfect trend to wear for any occasion, especially on the new runway of college campuses. This Fashionista, rocked the trend on her way to calculus, adding edge to math class.

Starting with the grunge pieces of the look, this Fashionista rocked a graphic beanie, oversize flannel, a silver septum nose ring, a black stretch choker, and a pair of black denim jeans. Her black denim jeans, simple yet slightly faded and worn, were the perfect foundation for the other colors and pieces in the look. She then added an oversize, vintage, blue, white, and red checkered flannel which made her look casual and edgy at the same time. The real statement pieces are her punk rock jewelry and graphic beanie. Her beanie brought together the colors in her flannel and fiery red lipstick, while showing her roots of New York City. The finals touches were her silver septum nose ring and black stretch choker, both exuding ’90s grunge.

This Fashionista’s grunge look was elevated to glam, with the addition of her black faux fur coat, black Chelsea boots, and white T-shirt. A faux fur coat can make any outfit look like a million dollars, which is so perfectly displayed here. Her black faux fur coat is a nice contrast to the tougher materials in the look. The inclusion of her black Chelsea boots streamlines the outfit, while her white T-shirt adds a touch of comfort and ease.

This Fashionista`s look is a great way to rock grunge and glam trends while keeping comfort and style on your way to class. Try combining edgy pieces like flannels and beanies with some sleek, luxurious accessories to make an impact at your next math class too!