WHAT TO WEAR: Girl's Night Out

The best part about spending the summer in a young and bustling city is having the opportunity to explore every neighborhood. Add in a best friend and you have the perfect mix. After a hard day of work, a girl’s night out at a local favorite restaurant is just what the doctor ordered. This Fashionista showed that she can dress for a girl’s night out while keeping cool in the hot and steamy summer.

Opting for a black-and-white look means that the sweat won’t show and the sun will reflect of her for the most part. The Fashionista selected a shirt of silky blouse material, which kept her cool by allowing the breeze to flutter it occasionally.

The white skirt is the ultimate power choice for a girl’s night it. It implies impeccable grace in that the wearer won’t spill, and brings out the tan of any wearer. The medium length shows leg without exposing too much, the perfect level of exposure for a dinner with the girls.

Pairing brown accessories with black clothes used to be a major fashion crime, but these days, mixing metals and colors exudes an eclectic vibe. The large bag this Fashionista selected allows her to carry all the essentials and then some.

One last feature of the look is the ever-important shoes. Cities require lots of walking, so a chic and sensible shoe, such as the Fashionista’s sandal with a low heel, is a key element of a good look. The low heel means the wearer won’t be in pain all day, and the open toes show off the latest summer pedicure.

A look for a girl’s night out is all about balancing the fashion and functionality of a look so that you can have a good time and still get a good selfie or two.

One Simple Change: To take this look from a casual girl’s night out to a work environment for an internship, swap the sandals for flats and pull on a blazer.