WHAT TO WEAR: Girl's Night Out

Girl’s night out: Also commonly known as the best evening of the month. It is the one night every girl patiently awaits for on her calendar. However, while it is the most necessary planned gathering, it always leads up to that one moment of truth. When every fashion addict finds themselves staring at their clothing-packed closet wondering, “Why do I have absolutely nothing to wear?” Wonder no more, my fellow Fashionistas. During the summer months, this Fashionista, as well as myself, are simply hoping that GNOs will be happening quite often. With this being said, this girl’s night out guru always aims to set aside a go-to piece for these magical evenings.

This Fashionista showed off a fabulous and feminine girl’s night out look by centering it around a floral romper. This Fashionista proves that having a romper in your closet is a  beyond wise decision. A romper works as a versatile and effortless look, allowing us Fashionistas to dress it up or down whenever we so desire. For a girl’s night out, this style icon went with a more formal approach, pairing the floral piece with some strappy heels and a simple gold pendant necklace, not to take away from the design and details of the romper. As a worshipper of all things fashion, this style icon considers her overall personal look to be very relaxed while evoking strong bohemian vibes. This is evident in her look through the pattern of the romper, as well as its structure and the very effortless vibe it gives with its moveable shape.

One Simple Change: As a slight alternative to this night look, if you’re interested in taking this floral romper from day to night, try saving the heels for the evening look and start out in some flat sandals during the day. This small adjustment of a shoe trade off allows you to take the romper from a casual day look to a strut worthy evening ensemble.