WHAT TO WEAR: Girl's Night Out

Trying to dress yourself for a GNO may seem like a daunting task and will lead to numerous texts in your group chat with many different questions. “So what are you wearing?” “Are we dressing up?” “So like wedges and a dress or shorts and a tank?” The list goes on. Don’t let the overwhelming idea of trying to dress like your friends freak you out. Let’s talk about essential pieces in this Fashionista’s outfit and why it totally works for a GNO.

First, let’s tackle the denim. Owning a pair of comfortable, black denim pants is one of the greatest investments you’ll ever make. Black is such a versatile color and you can truly dress any pair of black denim up or dress them down. In this case, she has done a little bit of both.

This Fashionista has dressed the black denim up with the amazing pair of strappy black heels she has on. The heels are essential to the outfit because they emulate “night out” attire. Also, they are the perfect balance of classic and chic. The heels class up the outfit without the worry if it looks like you’re trying too hard.

She has dressed down the denim with the bodysuit. Shocking, I know, but the great thing about this particular bodysuit is that it is cotton. The material of the bodysuit makes the outfit more casual. However, the sexy cutouts and the open back are just dramatic enough to liven up your GNO outfit.

Other perfect additions to this Fashionista’s outfit are her colorful nails and chunky bracelets. When wearing an outfit that doesn’t have much color it is absolutely crucial that you have accessories to make your outfit pop. In this case, her vibrant coral nails and statement bracelets draw your attention immediately. When you snap a pic of this outfit and send it in the group chat your friends will want to copy your amazing style!

One Simple Change: If you’re looking to wear this outfit during the day time but aren’t looking to show that much skin, no worries! Simply drape a printed kimono over your shoulders to emphasis the outfit’s casualness. It can take this outfit from night to day.