WHAT TO WEAR: Girl's Night Out

June 14th, 2016 at 2:00am

Tonight is the night, tonight you get to hang with all of your girls and tell them about what your boss did that almost made you quit your job or how your boyfriend (who’s only your boyfriend in your head) walked past you again. Tonight is the night you dance with all of your girls, it is time to release all the stress from the work or school week before you have to start over. It is time to get in formation ladies, it is time to get those Instagram captions ready and post away. Tonight is the night, tonight is a Girl’s Night Out—cue woman empowerment music.

According to Collins Dictionary, A Girls Night Out is “an evening spent outside of the home by a group of women.” If you ask any girl though their definition will most likely turn into a story about this one time I did this or this other time, me and my friends went there. Whatever the story or the event was, a woman always remembers what she had on that night.

Believe it or not there is a lot of strategic planning that goes into a GNO. Women have to go through very stressful things to get ready to go hang out with friends on a Saturday night, that includes hours of confusing group text messages, hours more of figuring out what to wear and rather or not they will stay in their heels all night.

There are plenty of sartorial options that come with ladies night. It all depends on where you are going, when you are going (season-wise) and what time you are going out. Most of the time girls get ready for the night at a friends house and if you are a indecisive friend then it is smart to bring numerous outfits to chose from—that way if one goes wrong, you have a backup. It is also important to have a backup outfit in case you missed free hour at the club and you have to chose a new location for the night.

It is important to remember to stay true to your fashion style when going out, but also remember that this is your time to be daring and free. So wear that mini skirt and put on that bright shirt even if you usually only wear dark colors—it is okay ladies! When you are getting dressed for the night out, incorporate various style tricks into your outfit: add color, textures or try bold statement making jewelry.You are in your comfort zone; it is you and your friends living it up for the weekend no one is judging you, so be comfortable.

Pictured above is a outfit for a typical girls night out to the club. A simple crop top or bralette paired with a skirt and a change of shoes for when your heels become too much and you want to dance the night away. This outfit is club appropriate because it pairs simplicity of the shoes with a bright and daring skirt.

One Simple Change: You can also switch this outfit from a girl’s night out to date night by pairing the bralette or crop top with high waisted dark pants and a blazer either open or closed and a simple necklace and purse. You can keep the same shoes or change into a pair bright heels with it and then go on a date with your boyfriend the next day.