WHAT TO WEAR: Girl's Night Out

June 10th, 2016 at 2:00am

We have all looked through our closets and come to the sudden realization: “I have nothing to wear!” On any occasion, we want to have a perfect and stylish look that will impress most people—if not everyone. So when it comes to a girl’s night out, what exactly should you wear?

This Augsburg College Fashionista rocks a blue halter top (a similar one can be found at JCPenney) with a gold necklace from New York & Company that sure makes a statement. She is also wearing black peep-toe-heeled boots, Old Navy checkered pixie-ankle pants, adds a black with gold bag and H&M sunglasses for a sassy look that screams summer and a night out with friends. Her look from H2T (America’s Next Top Model, anyone?) is fashionable to wear on a girl’s night out because it is sexy and bold! The pop of blue, gold and her stunning hair shine light into an evening full of adventure (and perhaps some eye candy and food of course!) Her heels add a sense of power and “I mean business” for anyone looking to strut their stuff on their own runway and for everyone else to pay attention as her and her girlfriends pass by.

Not only is this look stylish, comfortable and everything else, it is multipurpose!

One Simple Change: Besides this look being perfect for a girl’s night out, it is also perfect for traveling! If it means going to the airport and hopping on the plane, the handbag makes for a stylish carry-on. The pants provide comfort with 10 percent cotton and 5 percent spandex which will make any Fashionista ready to take on the world in style!