WHAT TO WEAR: Girl's Night Out

The semester is finally over and it’s time to move back home for the summer. A perfect time to plan a girl’s night! A girl’s night out is the perfect way to celebrate the summer while catching up with old friends, not to mention showing off new outfits! This Fashionista wore the perfect outfit for that transition weather from spring to summer. This outfit is stylish and fashion-forward, while remaining easy to put together and seemingly effortless.

The Fashionista’s cuffed jeans display the trendy cutout ankle boots that are perfect for a night out. Because these boots don’t have a high heel, they’re comfortable to wear throughout the night. While this outfit may seem too warm for summer weather, the crop top balances it out and makes it wearable. Also, this outfit can be worn with a lightweight jacket for when it gets colder at night. The leather jacket is the main focus of the outfit. The zipper details create an edgy vibe while bringing the look together.

What makes this Fashionista’s outfit work together is the bold red lip, the leather jacket and the all-black. Each item she’s wearing is comfortable, casual and easy to wear. The bold red lip also adds to the edgy style while adding a pop of color to the otherwise monochromatic look.

One Simple Change: Ditch the leather jacket and switch the jeans for a skirt or shorts. The outfit is now wearable for daytime and perfect for hot days. By making these changes, the outfit can now be worn to brunch, on a date or even for traveling!