WHAT TO WEAR: Girl's Night Out

As many college students find, it can be difficult to escape the bubble that being on campus creates. A change of scenery and exploring new places is the best way to break free from the monotony. My friends and I frequently try different restaurants around the city, which also gives us the chance to dress up! The opportunity to dress up is very appreciated because we get to wear outfits we wouldn’t necessarily wear around campus.

For a Girl’s Night Out, this Fashionista pairs an asymmetrical wrap skirt with a tucked in tank top and oversized cardigan. The contrast between black and white gives this outfit an elegant flair and creates a very streamlined look that is great for a night out. The asymmetrical shape of the skirt provides a modern edge to an otherwise classic look. The loose cardigan complements and contrasts the fitted skirt and is also very functional since restaurants tend to be cold!

The strappy heels this Fashionista is wearing complete the outfit, in my opinion. Incredibly versatile, these heels can be worn with almost any outfit– casual, formal and everything in between—and look stylish. This particular style of shoe can be difficult to find and rather expensive. Fortunately, Steve Madden makes a decently priced pair that you can find here! A pair of heels this versatile are essential in every Fashionista’s closet!

The colors in this outfit are very simple and uniform, so this Fashionista accessorized colorfully to spice up the look. The bracelets she opted for are simple but add a pop of color. Moreover, they are functional enough to be worn with many outfits. The dark green nail polish is suitable for fall and complements the rest of the outfit. Although this Fashionista decided to accessorize minimally, the outfit would still look great with some flashier jewelry.

One Simple Change: Choosing a flatter shoe, such as this Jack Rogers sandal, allows you to make this more of a daytime look perfect for brunch. The outfit still looks classy, but doesn’t have the “going out” edge that the heel provides.