WHAT TO WEAR: Girl's Night Out

November 2nd, 2015 at 2:10am

I am grateful to say that I have strong women who have backed me up both before and during my college career. These women have helped mold me into the feminist I am today, and without them I would not have a platform with which to share and materialize my ideas. From my freshman hall mates who are aspiring filmmakers, linguists, policymakers and doctors to my network in Nashville that consists of my lovely mother, aunt and grandma, these women are irreplaceable parts of my life. Even as I go into my junior year, I have an empowering girl squad who pushes me to be the best version of myself—both in terms of academics, my social life and the clothing decisions I make on the daily.

Now that midterm season has hit, it is imperative to maintain a strong semester despite the countless papers and tests bombarding us. This entails brunches with the said squad, trips to Buckhead—to channel André circa Class of 3000, of course—and plenty of wine nights. Oh, and let’s not forget further strengthening bonds with friends vis-à-vis girl’s night. Whether you plan on legitimately “Netflix and chilling,” hitting MJQ or trying that new restaurant on the Beltline, an Instagram-worthy outfit is in order.

This week’s Fashionista sports a pair of patterned shorts and a plain, black top that act as a tribute to the summer. The booties she sports add alteration in texture, which was seen in Chanel’s 2016  runway show (alongside aerial-inspired outfits). Ultimately, this Fashionista’s necklace brings together her look all the while not distracting from the defined pattern of the shorts. With bold patterns and a play on texture, what’s not to love?

One Simple Change: If cold weather plans to strike during your girl’s night out, be prepared. Stay warm with a black, faux fur jacket.