WHAT TO WEAR: Girl's Night Out

If you’re Friday nights are a lot like mine, then they consist of eating popcorn on the couch while watching Netflix, as you keep receiving text messages from your girls telling you to go out with them. And after the countless text messages and the endless begging, you agree to go and head to your closet to try to find something to wear. As you stand in front of your closet and pick out your options, a million questions run through your head. Which leads you to wonder why you even agreed to go out in the first place. After what should have taken you 30 minutes to get ready and do your makeup, it ends up taking you over an hour and you still can’t decide if you like your outfit or not.

With that being said I have found the prefect girl’s night out outfit that is foolproof. This Fashionista’s outfit would be prefect for a fun night out with your girls. She is wearing a cute T-shirt dress and dressed it up with a statement necklace from francesca along with cute Alex and Ani bracelets, a pandora charm bracelet and a turquoise ring. She also paired the dress with a cute pair of espadrille wedges. This is perfect for a girl’s night out because  this dress is flowy and comfortable enough that you can spend all night burning up the dance floor.

One Simple Change:  If you want to wear this same dress for a day to class, you can replace the wedges for a cute pair of sandals or sneakers. This will allow you to still flaunt your dress as you have an easy stroll around campus.