WHAT TO WEAR: Girls' Night Out

Picture this: it’s about a half hour until you’re supposed to meet your girlfriends and you’re hopelessly slumped in front of your closet with no sense of direction. Your hair and makeup scream, “Let’s paint the town red!” while your clothes (or lack thereof) whisper, “Netflix… ice cream…” Can you visualize this scenario? Can you feel pain and despondency in the room? I can almost guarantee you know exactly the scene I’m painting for you here, and if you’re anything like me, it may be all too familiar for you.

Don’t lose hope too quickly, though. In a time of despair such as this, you really only need a little inspiration. I think it was Hannah Montana (rest in peace) that once said, “You better hold tight, it’s girls’ night. Let’s go, GNO.” Queuing up this throwback ballad on your stereo may be all you need to get up and moving and into that fabulous outfit that was waiting to be unearthed in your closet. Moral of the story here, don’t let this kind of moment ruin your GNO before it even begins.

This Fashionista opted for a casual but chic outfit to rock on her girls’ night out. Her destroyed Paige Premium Denim ankle jeans are great for summer nights. Destroyed denim is fabulous in the summer (and anytime, really) because a nice pair of ripped jeans will show off a little bit of those sunkissed legs all while keeping you toasty after the temperature drops. This is one of my favorite trends that I hope doesn’t die out any time soon; ripped jeans are super versatile and if worn right, can keep their spot in your fall, winter and spring wardrobes too.

In contrast to her cozy jeans, this tiered babydoll top, made of a light gauze material, keeps this Fashionista cool and cute as a button during her night on the town. Wanting to add a little pop of color to her look, this Fashionista accessorized with this dark green Michael Kors satchel, a gorgeous color that will transition seamlessly into the upcoming autumn months. Another versatile piece of this outfit are these suede wedge booties. Light brown is a great summer shade that makes these sort of wintry suede booties more of a hybrid pair that can be rocked any month of the year. This gold kate spade timepiece is the icing on the cake that is this outfit, and it adds a little more flair and luxury to the entire look.

One Simple Change: This summery ensemble is great for any activity, dressy or casual. Switch out the wedge booties for your favorite pair of flat sandals for a daytime look, and get some good use out of those strappy shoes before your toes burrow into wool socks for months on end.