WHAT TO WEAR: Girl’s Night Out

You’ve made it! It’s finally Friday. As you and your girlfriends are planning what to do for the evening, someone suggests dinner at St. Elmo Steakhouse. Everyone agrees and decides to meet up around 7:00 p.m. later that evening. What are you going to wear? Let’s face it: we’ve all been here before. Picking out what outfit to wear for girls’ night can frequently turn out being one of your most difficult decisions of the week! With that being said, I found this Fashionista who confidently showed off one of her favorite looks for going out on the town with her favorite group of girls.

As seen by this Fashionista, crop tops are increasingly becoming one of our generation’s most popular styles. Not only can they can easily go with any outfit, but they are also versatile and comfortable. Some people believe that crop tops are too short to wear out in public; however, high-waisted skirts and pants make this look more professional and appropriate for different occasions. One of my favorite aspects of this Fashionista’s crop top is the open back and comfy spandex material. The black on black outfit is a classic look. The leather on the skirt’s lining was definitely the highlight to the entire outfit! It is simple, sophisticated and alluring. It’s perfect for a girl’s night out!

One Simple Change: Want to dress it down for a quick trip to the grocery store? Switch out the black skirt for a pair of boyfriend ripped jeans and white Converse to give it a more on the go look.