WHAT TO WEAR: Girl's Night Out

July 31st, 2015 at 2:00am

The best thing about girl’s night out is that it can take place anywhere—the movies, the cute ice-cream parlor down the street or that really amazing Chinese food restaurant everyone in your town is obsessed with. All are popular destinations for girl talk and bonding. However, the worst part about girl’s night out? It can take place anywhere! How does one dress fittingly when it can take place at several different locations?! I found the answer when I spotted this Fashionista enjoying her night at a shopping center.

This Fashionista wore my absolute summer favorites. Flowy shorts are a fashionable necessity in every girl’s summer closet.The ability to dress them up or dress them down is the key feature I adore—next to the fact that they are unbelievably comfortable, of course. The black and white pattern paired with a black, high neckline halter top is very chic and perfectly fitting for the “night” in girl’s night out.

When it comes to shoes, a girl can never go wrong with Steve Madden sandals. The black straps and gold accents give her the ability to look natural, classy, and ready for any GNO activity that is thrown at her.

Lastly, let’s face the fact that resisting a Michael Kors bag is impossible.This Fashionista sported a beautiful black and gold cross-body bag which is unbelievably perfect for comfortably holding all your must-haves right by your side. In addition, the versatility of a cross-body bag is perfect for the night when you thought you and your girls were going to the movies but end up at that restaurant down the street (it’s just too delicious not to go).

One Simple Change: This outfit can be effortlessly transformed into the daily internship look! The longer length of the shorts and the high neckline are already appropriate for the professional field. Replacing the open toe shoes for flats and throwing on a cute cardigan or sweater to cover the shoulders completes the simple transformation.