WHAT TO WEAR: Girl's Night Out

Last Thursday me and my friend went out to Buffalo Wild Wings to enjoy the nice weather and of course the 50 cent boneless wings. The weather was in the low 70s accompanied by a cool breeze. Most customers at the restaurant had chosen to sit outside on the patio. So, what is appropriate to wear on a girl’s night out? There is no need to get all dolled up but you also don’t want to be slumming in sweats and a T-shirt. What exactly is that sweet spot when it comes to dressing for a weeknight dinner out with the girls?

I spotted this Fashionista from across the patio. She was wearing a subtle yet classy ensemble. She had chosen all staple colors; black, white and denim for her clothes. She accented those neutral colors with rose gold accessories. What really makes this outfit great for the occasion is that it’s so simple and, girls, who doesn’t like a simple outfit? Plus, it’s the kind of outfit that is easily transitionable from the office to dinner, a business casual aesthetic that is convertible to night. Her outfit reminded me of Banana Republic spring-collection 2015.

This look is perfect for a girl’s night out. The outfit is simplistic but the jewelry add accents to create a complete look. All you need to achieve this look is a fitted black top and a pair of skinny jeans, accompanied by a pair of tan or brown flats.

One Simple Change: The look can easily be switched to a date night outfit. Dress to impress with some additional accessories. A long layered necklace would contrast well against the black shirt or some statement earrings and a bright clutch would be standout pieces.