WHAT TO WEAR: Girl's Night Out

I think the worst part about a night out is trying to find what to wear. I could literally spend hours on end trying things on from both mine and my roommate’s closet and still decide that I have absolutely nothing to wear. Now that it is finally warm out in Wisconsin, we can all put away the jeans and cardigans and pull out our skirts, dresses and tank tops to go out in. However, this just adds to the options of clothing to go through before finding an outfit.

Although the process of getting ready for a GNO can be extremely stressful, it is all part of making sure you have a great night. If you’re anything like my roommates and I, you probably will end up changing at least 13 times before you finally decide on an outfit. However, if you want to skip that process altogether, you can almost never go wrong with the little black dress.

This Fashionista went straight to the little black dress, adding accessories and a cute pair of wedges to make the outfit her own. The side cut-out in this dress really makes it different than most other plain dresses. A statement necklace always looks good with a plain colored dress and there are so many different color schemes and patterns of necklaces to experiment with. In this case, this Fashionista paired the plain black dress with a nude and light blue necklace. By adding just a pop of color to the outfit, the necklace really stands out. Going with the nude color scheme, she also pairs the outfit with nude wedges.

One Simple Change: Wondering how you can make this outfit a little more casual and wear it to a concert? Change the wedges out for some flats or sandals and add a cardigan over the top.