WHAT TO WEAR: Girl's Night Out

For many of us, summer means spending hours doing nothing during the day and spending hours out at night with friends. Summer undoubtedly brings forth more freedom to go out and have nights where you and your girlfriends all pretend to be the cast of Sex and the City. The short skirts and heels all come out and by the end of the night—doesn’t matter where you are—it’s safe to assume that countless selfies have been taken and that the Mr. Bigs and the Aidans, as well as the pair of shoes that you’ve been eye-ing and going crazy over for the longest time, have all been brought up in the conversation. We’re girls, so I guess this kind of thing is in our nature.

Now as fun as a girl’s night out can be, the process of getting ready for it can be kind of a pain (insert image of mountain of clothes on bed). If you’re anything like me, then it shouldn’t be hard to understand and relate to the indecisiveness that comes with trying to figure out what to wear. Do I go with a dress, a skirt or pants? Also, should I go with heels or strappy sandals so my feet don’t hurt? And what about makeup? Do I go with a dark lip or a nude lip? Let’s not try to deny it, this happens to all of us.

Thankfully, this Fashionista has the perfect outfit sorted out for a girl’s night out. She’s combined edgy pieces with more classy ones to create a very unique and attention-grabbing outfit that’s ideal for a night out on the town with friends. She’s wearing gorgeous black and white striped culottes (my latest obsession) with a black leather crop top to balance out the pieces’ silhouettes, as well as to die-for black wedges that tie the look together and glam it up. As for accessories, she’s kept it simple with a statement silver ring and an embellished choker so as not to retract attention from the outfit itself. If this isn’t the perfect going out look, then I don’t know what is. High-five, girl.

One Simple Change: Want to make this outfit more casual and appropriate for occasions like a concert, for example? Easy. Take off the heels and the crop top, throw on a pair of sneakers and a simple black T-shirt tucked in the culottes and you’re ready to go.