WHAT TO WEAR: Girl's Night Out

Since summer break is now in full swing, it means that every day is the weekend for some. From going to shopping with your friends, watching a movie or going to a party, you always want to have a cute go-to outfit for a hot summer night out. But when we say “night out” it can be a few hours or even until the next day. Being in the same outfit from sundown and sunup may make you rethink wearing a skin tight dress or stilettos all night long, being that it might not be so comfortable. So today I’m going to talk about how stay fashionable and stylish through a comfortable and cute summer outfit.

Although skirts are cute and breezy for the hot summer, walking around windy areas or even walking up steps can make a girl self-conscious and worry about their skirt rather than enjoy the night. This is where high-waisted shorts come into play. This Fashionista decided to wear salmon colored high-waisted shorts with a black cropped tank top for a night out with her friends. High-waisted shorts are a summer “must-have” item if you are looking to be comfortable while being stylish. Unlike skirts, high-waisted shorts allow you to walk freely through windy or breezy areas without having to worry about pulling off a Marilyn Monroe skirt lift.

In addition to comfort, high-waisted shorts with accent buttons or belts around the waist adds a slimming effect to your body. For example, this fashionista’s high-waisted shorts have buttons on the waist area, which gives the illusion that her legs begin higher up and near her torso, thus making her legs look longer and thinner. It is also important to choose a bright colored pair of high-waisted shorts paired with a monochrome, plain tank top or shirt. The bright color adds the playful summer theme while the plain black or white tank top complements the shorts rather than distract from it.

If you are going to be walking or standing up all night, you should also consider what kind of shoes to wear as well. This fashionista styled her outfit with a pair of basket-weave wedges. These wedges are not only add to the summer boho look, but because they are wedges, to provide a much more comfortable and stable footing. When purchasing wedges, in order to maximize your comfort, try to find wedges with added cushion at the toe and heel area as well.

One Simple Change: Although this outfit is for a casual outing, by wearing a deep blue or black blazer with monotone pumps, you can instantly change the causal aspect of the outfit. Add a professional and business vibe to it by pairing the same outfit with just a blazer and a pair of pumps. You can easily transition from casual to business professional.