WHAT TO WEAR: Girl's Night Out

May 1st, 2015 at 2:10am

Every Friday afternoon, we decompress by dropping our school bags and making plans with our closest friends. Observing the college scene, many students socialize by going out. As a huge part of going out, we dance, get wild and forget about our current problems. Even though we enjoy the thrill, we eventually grew tired of the parties. Recently, my friends and I planned on having a weekend dedicated to us. Instead of going out and searching for a new boyfriend, we want to take a breather and remember why we became friends in the first place. For a girl’s night out, a group of friends can explore different restaurants, watch movies and have spa nights. Spending quality time with your girlfriends is very important. Whether you have a broken heart or feel stressed about an exam, you can rely on your friends for support.

As a part of getting ready, a girl’s night out can remind you to look beautiful for yourself. Don’t worry about the boys because your friends will make you feel confident. This week’s Fashionista put together an ideal ensemble for a girl’s night out. She keeps it simple, yet chic for a night out. As the major statement in her outfit, she wears a pair of black shorts that are covered with neon flowers. Observing the rest of her outfit, she keeps the rest dark and neutral. The dark tones make the ensemble appropriate for the nighttime. In addition her grungy jacket separates her style from others seen on the street. The jacket adds extra volume and it keeps the eye from looking away. Focusing on the bottoms, she shows how one can dress up by wearing a pair of shorts. Shorts give an outfit a relaxed feel, but if the design has a unique pattern, the style quickly changes. Also, if shorts come in a finer material, others will believe that you put more effort into getting ready. Fortunately, this Fashionista created a multi-functional look. Depending on your plans, this outfit will be comfortable for a long night out!

One Simple Change: If the Fashionista has a formal get together or even a date, she can make some alterations that are more appropriate. She can take off the grungy jacket and replace it with a statement necklace and a pair of black booties.