WHAT TO WEAR: Girl's Night Out

If you’re anything like me, your planner is your life. If it wasn’t for my planner, I would never show up at the right place at the right time or get my assignments done and turned in on the due date. These final weeks of school can be seriously stressful, so a girl’s night out is just what you need to relieve some stress.

If you’re group of girlfriends are anything like mine, you all love going to a nice, but cheap, dinner. It’s important to get away from the guys for a while and treat yourselves to an off-campus, non-fast-food meal. Maybe after dinner entails a night out on the town, the movies or even bowling, one of my personal favorite things to do.

This Fashionista’s killer outfit is perfect for a girl’s night out. She keeps things casual yet super trendy by pairing a light purple sweatshirt with a polka-dot blazer. This unlikely combination guarantees a comfortable and sophisticated look that would be appropriate for anywhere you and your gal pals go.

She looks amazing in her white skinny jeans and black ankle boots. If her ankle boots could talk, they would definitely say, “You’re crazy if you wear any other shoe for a girl’s night!” Maybe that’s dramatic…but you get the point. If you don’t already own a pair of ankle boots, it’s time to invest. She finishes off her look with a rad purple statement necklace and adorable Kate Spade handbag. This necklace glams up her look and dresses things up.

One Simple Change: Everyone in college knows internships are vital for resumes. Have an awesome internship lined up for summer vacation? Just swap out the sweatshirt for a dressy colorful blouse and you’re sure to make a great impression.