WHAT TO WEAR: Girl’s Night Out

With the semester coming to an end, those who do not have to attend summer school will begin to enter summer mode. I often find that the best way to celebrate the end of a semester and the start of summer is to meet up with the friends you have neglected to see throughout the term. As school is an extremely time consuming task, it is difficult to find time to spend a night out on the town.

This Fashionista is sporting some ideal girl’s night out attire. What I love most about her outfit is the faux leather leggings. Leather leggings are perfect for going out because they are stretchy, flexible and stylish. Wherever your night takes you, liquid looking leggings are definitely a must. This Fashionista has chosen to go with black bottoms and a black top and brightens up her outfit with a taupe trench coat. Adding a trench not only makes the outfit a little bit more dressy, but it also helps to keep this Fashionista warm on her endeavours.

She completes her outfit with silver accented jewelry and some sneakers. While heels are also an option, sneakers are more fun and definitely more comfortable. This Fashionista also includes a small trio side bag. The bag is not too bulky but is still big enough to hold off of her essentials. The purse is also a great size for swiftly moving from one place to another.

One Simple Change: Should you and your girlfriends decide to go to a concert instead of the usual dinner and drinks, you could try switching out the trench coat with a cropped blazer. In addition, you could change the sweater for a silk blouse. Both pieces will be more concert appropriate, and more importantly, they will allow for more dancing!