WHAT TO WEAR: Girl's Night Out

April 22nd, 2015 at 2:00am

After a long week of annoying professors and a lack of coffee, you decide to go out with the girls this weekend. What’s one break from the endless amount of things you have to do, right? This weekend has to be perfect, so you need to put your best foot forward with a killer outfit. Going out with the girls means tons of Instagram photos, so what’s a girl got to wear?

While I was dreaming about the nap I would be taking once I got home, I spotted this Fashionista ready for the night. Wishing I could be as awake and social as her, I told her how impressed I was. She wore a flawless outfit that embodied a girl’s night out in three simple steps: a pair of heels, an all-black palette and a statement necklace. Her outfit was painted in black and gray, colors that are great for a night out. Rather than a pair of black jeans, this Fashionista opted for black pants of a fancier material, which gave the outfit that extra something. She kept the look cohesive with a black and gray speckled crop top. She also sprinkled silver accessories throughout her outfit with a statement necklace and watch that added the right amount of edge and dimension to her look. Pairing this outfit with some tan, chunky heels was a really smart choice on her part because it didn’t take anything away from the outfit.

A lot of people think a night out means going crazy with a skin-tight outfit; however, take a look at this Fashionista for a more classy approach.

One Simple Change: Do you have an interview the next morning? Simply throw on a blazer for a more professional look and swap the heels for a pair of neutral flats. Don’t forget to freshen up your makeup from the night before with a soft, natural look!