WHAT TO WEAR: Girl's Night Out

Girls really do just want to have fun. One of the best places to do such a thing is during a night out on the town with your best gal pals. Well, at least as close to “the town” as you can get here in East Lansing. A night out usually means scoping out frat or house parties, bar hopping and then hitting up that evening’s choice of late night gourmet dining experiences. Wherever you are though, a night out means an excuse to get a little dolled up.

This Fashionista nails the (yet again, my favorite) all-black look. All-black with gold accents is classic for going out. She puts a spin on the usual little black dress though and opts for the trendy little black romper instead, which is a much comfier choice, one where you don’t necessarily have to monitor every shimmy and twist movement. Whether it’s still a little chilly or you just like the look, the addition of sheer tights underneath make this Fashionista’s outfit and silhouette streamline from head to toe.

She knew what she was doing when it came to her accessories, too. She started at the top with gold beaded hoop earrings that will catch the light in any party atmosphere. A small black clutch with a metallic strap is perfect for holding the evening’s necessities. It’s good to keep an evening bag small because it limits the amount of stuff you can bring and prevents you from becoming weighed down by a bulky load. The final touch is the black booties with gold zippers. These are great for making walking around and dancing easy, yet they still have a cute heel to keep things fun and fancy.

One Simple Change: This black romper is such a versatile piece of clothing. It can easily be dressed up for a night out with the girls. It can also be dressed down for a day of classes or simply strolling around campus on a sunny day. To achieve this new look, lose the tights and show some leg. Winter is finally gone, and we’re all ready to feel some sunshine on our skin. Next, trade the booties for a cute pair of sandals. If you can find metallic accents to match your earrings or other accessories, even better!