WHAT TO WEAR: Girl's Night Out

“So I put my hands up, they’re playin’ my song, the butterflies fly away…” No greater song exists than “Party in the USA” to explain the feels we all get when it’s the freakin’ weekend and we’re out with the girls. The spirit of a girl’s night out is to let loose and leave the problems at work where they belong. My favorite part of a GNO is getting ready. It’s one of the best events to dress for. Our friends are the only people who are truly judgment free. We can not only let loose, but be ourselves. This Fashionista takes those cues in stride with her outfit.

This Fashionista embodied the GNO vibe with her red velvet mini skirt. In general, mini skirts are not easy. I think we have all gone through that awkward skort phase. Unique fabrics like velvet that this Fashionista chose take us from middle school awkward to trendy college fabulous by the skirt being a prominent statement piece for the night. Red is a bold color in its own right, but a velvet mini is the perfect blend of young and laid back yet sophisticated and driven. Skirts are also ideal to embark on a GNO for pretty obvious reasons. Reason number one: you can show off your rockin’ dance moves without a hitch. Reason number two: there are endless ways to style them (i.e. fishnets, sneakers or even high heels).

Any statement piece longs for some good neutrals. Since it is important to make your personality front and center at a GNO, don’t make your neutrals TOO neutral. Take some cues from this Fashionista and wear a shirt from your favorite band or your favorite jean jacket.

One Simple Change: Headed to the library? Swap the skirt for a pair of joggers and you are prepped for a full day of studying.