WHAT TO WEAR: Girls Night Black Out

When all else fails and I feel like I’m staring at a closet full of clothes yet nothing to wear, I’ll always end up gravitating towards black. No matter the occasion, black will always be a good choice. When selecting an outfit for a night out, I always gravitate towards darker tones.

This Fashionista’s style makes me want to actually get out on the weekends instead of lazing around watching my favorite Sex and the City reruns. This Fashionista’s look features some major trends. First off, to ensure that she stays warm no matter where the night takes her, this Fashionista paired a choker sweater top with a leather jacket. Some nights out may just be a low key dinner, but who knows if you’ll end up at a club or a party. The first rule of girls night out is always be prepared! This Fashionista completes her look with over the knee boots. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gone out in heels and regretted it after only an hour of being out. Trust me, you don’t want to be that friend that is lagging behind the squad. Over the knee boots are the perfect alternative to heels for a night on the town because they offer optimal comfort and style. Lastly to top off an all blacked out look this Fashionista added a pop of color focused on her lips. You don’t want to over power the neutral look, so a subtle red will do.

Never let anyone tell you that an all black outfit won’t work. With the right mix of textures and layers, you’ll be the best dressed for girls night out!